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After you place an order you earn 1 Point for every $1 spent on the site for confirmed orders.  You can redeem your points on the ‘cart’ or the ‘checkout’ page. Please note, points are not earned on shipping costs.

Your CR Points no not expire, and will remain here for you until you return. Check your current CR Point balance here >>

There are a few ways to collect more points.

Learn more here >>

Check if the destination list HERE, after you add some products to your cart.

Step 1: If you see any items you like, add them to your cart.
Step 2: Tick the terms and conditions and Checkout securely and safely by choosing Crypto Payments.
Step 3: Your order will be processed after the payment is RECEIVED, then sent to you.
Step 4: If you do not send a payment within the time provided your order be placed on hold until its completed.

If you need any help just let us know.

Please email [email protected] with the order number you would like cancelled.  Orders that were already sent cannot be cancelled.

Your order ships the following working day.

* Note: that it can take up to 1 hour for the crypto to be transferred to us from the time you send it.

Usually late to early GMT (UTC) time

Yes they are 100% authentic.

Your items will be discreetly packaged and smell proof to protect and maintain your privacy, using generic material with no indication of what is inside.

Your items are sourced from Eastern Canada.

Depending on where you are it can take around 5-10 working days. Allow for more time if you are in a rural area. For more information regarding this please visit Canada Post.

No, it just gets shipped regular like any other international mail.

Simply contact us about your order and we will investigate.

If you do not get your package 5 days after the expected arrival date, let us know and we will file a trace with Canada Post.

Shipping fees range depending where your destination is.  Free shipping starts at 50.

Please allow an extra couple of business days if you live in a remote area.

Payment is made using Crypto Payments.

Your order ships ships the following business day.

Why Crypto?

Permission-less peer to peer transfer.  You are in full control of the outcome.

How complicated will this be?

Its like an bank transfer but not in the banking system, and you can send anywhere instantly.

Is it Risky?

If you are capable of copy/pasting bank transfer details then you should be fine copy/pasting a single payment code. If in doubt, we can work with you to receive a very small amount first, and then when it’s all good you can send the rest.

Where and How to buy Crypto?

The quickest way to do that is through an exchange. You can even use your Credit Card to buy it. While there are many crypto exchanges out there, we would recommend you choose one of the more reliable and secure ones out there.

I bought my crypto now what?

Select “Crypto Payments” at checkout and choose your crypto. Then send the cryptocurrency to the exact address you see on the screen. After you are done, let us know.

Anything else I need to know?

If a question of another nature is on your mind, and you emailed us already, we will reply to you soon. Thanks!

When you place an order it will remain on hold until we receive payment.  If payment is not made within the countdown timer after you checkout, your order will be cancelled and you will have to place a new order or contact us.

Your order will be cancelled and you can place another order.

Once you’ve sent your Crypto Payments, it can take up to 1 hour for verified on the blockchain. Your Crypto Payments screen will count down until we collect the Crypto Payments (when we process your order).

Once payment is received, your order will ship within 1 working business day.

If the order is not in processing after the timer is finished, then let us know and we will confirm it on the blockchain.

It varies from time to time and you can check this at checkout. Shipping fees range depending on several variables such as your location.

If a product has arrived and is faulty you have 48 hours upon receiving the package to notify us. We will then send a replacement or store credit.

We may need some info and photos which will be evaluated by our product team. Once our product team has evaluated your case and deemed faulty, we will either provide you with a store credit or a replacement for your product(s).

If there is an error with your package, just let us know.

Someone at my address refused the package:

If you live with multiple people, let them know you have mail coming and not to refuse the package or you will lose it. If the package is returned back to the return address as a result of someone else at your address refusing the package then the items will not arrive.

For all other cases of packages being returned to sender:

We will evaluate these case to case, and its always best to chat with us about it so we can resolve the issues for you.

Still have a question?

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